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Forfour SMD LEDs

Mod Description
The For4, like the Roadster, uses a lot of SMD LEDs for lighting. While these can be harder to change than the twist fit bulbs, it's not impossible and the results can look a lot more impressive.
Mod Details
PremiumYes Difficulty Mod ID292 CreditEvil / OTV Cost£50p p/LED For454 Forfour Link Copy to Clipboard

This page will show you how to change the LEDs and illumination colour of the following things on the forfour.

Button bank,
Heater controls,
Window switches.

Each of the SMD LEDS on the For4 are PLCC-2 (TANTAL/B) and they are a very common fitment and should cost less than 50p each.This is where I got mine from, clicky.

I’m Too Scared To Do This, Who Can I Pay?

CrazyLeds can change your SMD LEDs for you. Just ask them.

SMD Orientation

Like most LEDs, they only work one way around. Standard LEDs are marked with a single flat edge and 1 shorter leg. The SMD LEDs have a recessed triangle in the corner, these are marked as red in the pictures.

Soldering SMD LEDs


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