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Forfour Throttle Body Clean

Mod Description
The throttle valve actuator (TVA or throttle body) is a weak point for the Forfour, let's fix it.
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If you get hesitation when you try to accelerate, poor idling, no response from the accelerator pedal, engine stalling or an OBD error code P0122 then there is a chance that your throttle body needs cleaning.1st remove the throttle body. Then take a 10mm drill bit and drill the heads off the 6 rivets that retain the black plastic cover.

Lever the cover off, this shouldn’t take much force.

Pull the remainder/left overs of the rivets out with pliers.

This is what is inside. You have the motor spindle and terminals to the right. Gear down cog in the centre and the butterfly drive cog to the left. Clean the 2 metal terminals shown far right.

Not important to the information but interesting anyway, the 2 circled set screws adjust throttle position and tick over. Don’t touch.

Take a close look at the plastic lid you removed. Circled yellow are the motor electrical connections. Give these a clean with contact cleaner. Circled white is the hall effect (magnetic) sensor. It sits inside the butterfly drive cog and measures its position.

This is the hole in the butterfly drive cog that the hall effect sensor sits inside. You may notice a slight corrosion or build up of contaminants. Take a fine grade ‘Scotchbrite’ pad and give the sensor and the aperture a good clean. No cleaning agents are required.

If you haven’t cleaned the outside yet, let’s do that now. Open the butterfly and wedge something soft in the cogs to keep it open.

Again, with the ‘Scotchbrite’ pad, give everything a good clean. You probably won’t need cleaning fluid. If you do decide to use a cleaning fluid, use brake cleaner as it evaporates fully.

Ensure the rubber seal is refitted into place and replace the cover.

Using suitable nuts and bolts (M4 x 1″ should be fine) secure the cover.

For added protection from the nuts rattling loose, consider applying a drop of ‘Threadlock’ to the bolts before tightening.

Refit the throttle body and check it functions properly.  Job done.

This information was originally posted on our dedicated Forfour website.