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Locking And Unlocking

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How to open and secure your vehicle.
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Locking And Unlocking Your SmartThe modern smart key has 3 buttons, you should have 2 of these keys with your car.

To unlock the car, press and release button B once. The car will notify you that it has unlocked by flashing all of the indicators once.

To lock the car, press and release button A once. The car will notify you that it has locked by flashing the indicators 3 times.

If the indicators flash only once when the lock button is pressed it means that one of the doors or the boot is not properly closed. Check both doors and boot are correctly shut and attempt to lock the car again.

If the indicators flash 9 times it is an indication that the battery in the key fob needs changing as soon as possible. From this point, the battery will have enough power to lock and unlock the car approximately 100 more times.

Changing the key battery can be found by clicking here. It is a good idea to keep a spare battery in the boot as it can be opened using the key.

Automatic Relocking

If neither of the doors are opened within a minute after unlocking, they will automatically lock again.

Locking The Car From The Inside

Press the central locking switch (6) for a second, the central locking will be heard to activate as long as long as both door and the boot are closed. The light on the interior central locking switch will flash every five seconds.

Unlock The Car From The Inside

The doors can be opened by simply pulling either of the interior door handles.

Lock The Car With A Dead Key Battery

If your key fob has died you can still lock the car using the following procedure:

Open the driver door.
Switch on the ignition.
Press the central locking switch (6) once.
The door lock display will flash red quickly for 5 seconds.
Switch the ignition off within 5 seconds.
Remove the key and exit the vehicle with the key in your hand.
Close the driver door.
The car is now locked

Opening The Boot

Press and hold button C on the key, after about 2 seconds the indicators will flash once and the boot hatch will unlatch. To open the hatch fully simply lift the glass section.

To open the second part of the boot, the red catches (circled in red below) located on the top of the lower flap have to be pushed forwards. The lower flap can then be lowered by hand to the horizontal position. To close the boot, the lower flap has to be flipped up first and locked into position. The upper glass hatch can then be closed by hand.

Don’t slam the upper glass hatch and don’t pull the hatch down using the inside catch. Although it is rare for the glass to smash or the catch to break off, there is even less chance if you don’t do it. A new glass hatch would have to be fitted in this case.

Roadster Specific Info

This info is edited and added to from information by Gavin M.

Double pressing button B (shown above) will automatically open the sunroof until fully retracted.

There are 2 things worth noting with this info. Firstly, it obviously doesn’t work with the hard top. Secondly, it doesn’t usually work with the soft top either. It depends on the revision number of your SAM unit, the age of your Roadster and if smart have updated the software in it during garage visits.