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Lower And Remove The SAM

Mod Description
Makes it a lot easier for locating, tracing and splicing into wires.
Mod Details
PremiumNo Difficulty Mod ID386 CreditEvilution For450 Fortwo451 Fortwo452 Roadster Link Copy to Clipboard


On right hand drive smarts, pull back the footwell carpet on the left side and remove the polystyrene block. This gives you enough room to swing the SAM down to do anything useful on the top side. If you don’t remove the polystyrene block first you simply don’t get enough room to work.

On left hand drive smarts you don’t have the polystyrene block as the SAM unit is on the driver’s side, you’ll just have to work around the pedals.


The SAM unit is always under the dash on the driver’s side. (making it incredibly hard to work on as the steering wheel is in the way).


Look to the back of the SAM unit, you will see a black plastic tab. Pull this tab (highlighted below) forwards and swing the SAM unit towards you.

The SAM should swing down vertical to the floor. If not, check the wiring loom behind it to unhook the taught wires.

If you need more access to the top of the SAM you can unscrew the hinge end. Remove the Torx bolts from the nearest edge of the SAM. (Torx 10 or 20 depending on model of smart).

With the Torx bolts removed the SAM unit will lower into the footwell.

The easier way to lower the SAM from this end is to push the SAM up at the hinge end. This disconnects the clip holding it to the hinge. Push the SAM towards the front of the car and then lower it down. Reclip the hinge end in first when you come to refit the SAM.

If you decide to disconnect any of the connections located on the top of the SAM, disconnect the battery before you do. Refitting is the reverse of removal.

Most of the connections unclip by pressing the sides of the connector and pulling it out. 2 connections at the back of the SAM are different, push the tab in on the top of the connector and swing the arm over, this unlocks the 40 way double connector. The final connection is the power cable, this is removed by undoing the nut.