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Mileage/KM Jumping Up

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In my 20 years being on the smart scene, I have heard people randomly complain that the mileage/kilometerage (is that even a word?) has suddenly jumped up by thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands over night.

It's incredibly rare but I hear it at least every year.

Initially, people were saying it happened over night, they didn't do anything and there were no other factors happening at the same time that could have affected it. Turns out that was bullshit and 2 causes have been discovered.

Low Battery

Yes, a low battery could cause the odometer to jump up thousands of units. I can only guess as to why.

When the car is turned on, the electronic control units are initialised and go through their system check which included checking immobiliser codes and the mileage/kilometer reading that was stored in both the speedo and the SAM unit. There are unfounded rumours that if the mileage was lower on the speedo than that of the SAM unit, the speedo would get rewritten to whatever was recorded on the SAM.

If, during the system check, the battery power was low and the system was interupted during a power check,
the incorrect mileage could be read from the SAM. This would be written to the speedo and the SAM.

Or it could have just faulted the binary during the check and incorrectly written a bad parameter.

Either way, it happened when the car was turned on and the engine started immediately.
This created a low power situation because of the power drain of the starter motor.
This brown out of power stopped the electrical controllers from receiving the power they required to run.

So don't start your car if it's really low on battery.

Cheap OBD Fault Code Reader

This really shouldn't surprise anyone that cheap pieces of shit from China that read data
from the car could cause problems. However, people are surprised none the less.

If it can read data from the car, it can write it, even accidentally.

The software is written by some minimum wage Oriental dude who has never looked or worked on a smart.
They usually use generic software that is messed about with slightly to make it function.

What could possibly go wrong? Oh yeah, extra hundreds of thousands of miles on the speedo.

So, don't use cheap Chinese shit code readers.

What's The Fix?

450 Fortwo & Roadster

Let's get ready ready to break the law.
Mileage alteration or odometer correction is technically illegal even if you are changing it for bonafide reasons.

Chances are, you won't know the exact mileage when it all went to shit.
If you don't know for sure, you're guessing. You could guess a lower mileage and that's a no no.

However, it can be done but you need to open the SAM and Speedo and change the code in both.
Check out this video if you want to give it a try.

451 Fortwo

This is incredibly easy but you need special hardware and software.

Look at the price of the DiagProg4 and shit your pants.
Do a search for Abrites AVDI and cry when you see the price.

Then go onto eBay and search for the Chinese clone called FVDI or SVDI. So much cheaper.

FVDI/SVDI can work on a lot of cars so make sure you pick up the one with the correct smart software.

It's too easy to do. You just connect to the car using the OBD dongle, select smart, select odometer
correction, type in the new odometer reading IN KILOMETERS and then click to write it.