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Roadster Aerial Grommet

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PremiumNo Difficulty Mod ID1790 CreditJakub S For452 Roadster Link Copy to Clipboard

So, Your Aerial Grommet Has Perished

Previously you’d just have gone to a smart dealer and ordered part number 0013787V003000000 for about £7. However…

Rubber Grommet No Longer Available

Smart discontinued the rubber grommet. The problem is that people are noticing that their original rubber grommet is disintegrating so there’s a big requirement for new replacements. Needless to say that 3 things happened.

1 – A “money orientated” person who doesn’t care about the owners bought up the remaining stock and started selling them for a 1000% mark up.
2 – A few people started 3D printing really shit copies of the original and started selling them for way more than they are worth.
3a – Someone gets a brand new one and has a company start reproducing exact copies and sell them for a sensible price.
3b – Someone finds an alternative product from another car that’s easily available for cheap.

3a – that was going to be me but I couldn’t find a new one to send away to be copied, mainly because of the person mentioned in point 1.

Thankfully 3b is now an option thanks to Jakub Szyndlar who found a replacement option.

Mercedes W124, A124, C124

The Mercedes W124 rubber grommet differs from the Roadster’s original one as it comes in 2 parts instead of 1. This make it easier to fit.

The lower part goes through the panel…

…and the decorative cap pushes on over the top of the lower part.

Jakub says that the only issue is that the original aerial is a bit thin so consider finding a thicker one.


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