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Roadster Self Centring Steering

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PremiumNo Difficulty Mod ID1675 CreditStuttgart Classics For452 Roadster Link Copy to Clipboard


Some people complain about the numb steering feel and the poor self centring of the steering wheel on a smart Roadster equipped with power steering.

Personally I’ve never experienced this. The 2 Roadsters I had felt very direct in the steering and the wheel centred very quickly so perhaps there are other factors involved such as worn bushes, worn hub ball joints, worn steering ball joints, worn rack, contaminated rack, lazy PAS motor, issues with the PAS rotation sensor, seizing steering column universal joints, incorrect wheel alignment, unusual tyre wear etc etc. These are the sort of things that will get worse over time so if it’s something you are experiencing, there’s something you can try to allieviate the issues.


YouTuber StuttgartClassics took a part of the PAS system out and it rectified the issues that he was experiencing.

Can’t I Just Unplug The Motor?

It won’t have the same effect as the part removed is the part that’s increasing the mechanical drag on the steering.

Can I just Fit A Non PAS Steering Rack?

Yes and this is the better option. The only drawback being that the non PAS rack was only available in left hand drive.