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Smart 453 EQ (Electric Drive) Info

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PremiumNo Difficulty Mod ID1750 Creditevilution For453 EQ453 Fortwo/Forfour Link Copy to Clipboard

The Smart 453 Fortwo & Forfour Electric Drive (EQ)

I have been getting a worrying amount of messages asking why there are no specific pages, tick boxes or information about the electric drive version of the fortwo 451. I’d like to go on record with the 2 answers that I have been sending back to the people who ask.


It’s pretty much just me adding stuff to this site, 1 person. I have a job but it’s not a super well paid job so I just can’t afford to own every smart car variant. Smart don’t give me cars, I don’t get a discount, I have to buy them all just like everyone else. Thankfully I managed to buy a crashed ED fortwo and EQ forfour, so at least I have them. However, they haven’t broken so I haven’t removed the battery etc.


This is hard to explain without sounding like I’m treating you like a spaz, so I’m just going to treat you like a spaz.

Exactly what info do you want? What mods do you want to achieve?

The hand manual tells you a lot about the car and apart from the motor and batteries, IT’S THE SAME CAR!

If you want to change the panels, it’s the same as the petrol model.
If you want to change the brakes, it’s the same as the petrol model.
If you want to lower the suspension, it’s the same as the petrol model.
If you want to know what bulbs you need, it’s the same as the petrol model.

What About The Motor And Batteries?

Mine are OK at the moment. I’m not taking my cars apart for no reason.

Searching For ED And EQ Specific Pages

The way our tag words work, searching for “ED” or “EQ” won’t work very well. It’s because the search will even look at parts of tag words so searching for EQ will bring up pages tagged with the word “sequential” because there’s an EQ in the word. This is much worse for searching ED.

Even putting a space after ED won’t help. So….

I have added a specific search term for the ED and EQ that will narrow down the results.

Do a search for electric drive.

There Must Be Some Differences

Yes, they are covered by your hand manual. However, here is the fuse layout.