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TIK Pipe replacement

Mod Description
TIK or Turbo Induction Kit was a name coined by Digitec,
Mod Details
PremiumYes Difficulty Mod ID550 CreditStruyk Cost££30 - For450 Fortwo452 Roadster Link Copy to Clipboard PartsBuy here

The TIK pipe is the plastic tube between the air box and the turbo. Upgrading this to a wider/ smoother replacement allows more air into the engine. More air = more efficiency when driving sensibly…but…More air = more power when driving fast.

You have a few options:
a Roadster “60” TIK pipe,
a Brabus “74” Roadster TIK pipe,
a silicone TIK pipe (Forge Motorsport etc).

Fitting The TIK Pipe

You will be doing the following:

1) Removing the rear bumper and crash bar.
2) Undoing the jubilee clips at either end of the existing pipe (turbo end and airbox end).
3) Removing the exhaust hanging bracket, earthing braid and TIK pipe mounting bracket.
4) Unplugging all vacuum hoses and crankcase breather pipe.
5) Unbolting the TIK pipe from its bracket and pulling the TIK pipe out.
6) The same as above but back to front!

I used the following tools: TX45 bit, TX25 bit, 6mm, 8mm, 13mm sockets and ratchets.

Make sure you have the right part before starting!


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