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Trust/ESP Deactivation Plug

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A review of the Smartmods Trust/ESP deactivation plug
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Trust+ and ESP are the safety features for on the 600cc and 700cc smarts respectively. Whilst they do good for 99% of the time, there are times when it becomes a hindrance.

For an example, as you attempt to pull away in snow, the wheels slip as they attempt to cut through the snow to get to the road. As soon as the wheels start to slip, the car immediately reduces power to the wheels so they stop slipping. Therefore the tyres never reach the road and the car stays stuck. The second reason is for messing about
in empty snow fill car parks but the main reason is so the car can be run on a dyno/rolling road to measure the power of the engine. Without one of these in place, you will not be able to spin the rear wheel separately to get any readings at all.

So, on some occasions you need to deactivate the safety features to get out of a fix.

This is where the deactivation plug comes into it. Here is the plug.

Looking at the back you can see that it has a good size housing to grip for insertion and removal. This type of plug for sale from other companies had nothing much to hold onto. This version is also populated with a full compliment of pins so it stays in place. Other version only have a few pins so don’t necessarily stay in place as well.

Using the plug is simple. With the ignition off, push the deactivation plug into the OBD2 socket. Start the car. Job done. With the plug in place, the trust/ESP light will stay illuminated. This is to tell you that the safety systems are now turned off. When you want the safety systems back on, turn the car off and remove the plug, simple as that.

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700cc Fortwo

The OBD socket can be found in the cubby hole between the steering wheel and the door on the driver’s side. Lower the flap down and plug it in.

600cc Fortwo

In the left hand footwell, up under the dashboard is the fuse box. The OBD socket is located on it.


Pull down the flap underneath the steering wheel to reveal the OBD socket. Lower the OBD cover and plug the deactivation plug in. If you want to refit the cover with the deactivation plug in place you will have to remove the OBD cover.


It’s a sturdy and well made plug that retails for less than half the price of similar plugs. It has a nice positive action on fitting and removal and does what it’s supposed to. It’s well worth having one in the car just in case, you never know when you could need it. Also essential if you ever feel the need to rolling road your smart. See here.

Will NOT work on the ForFour or the new Fortwo (451).

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Safety Information

It goes without saying that using a safety feature deactivation plug will turn off your driving safety features. Only turn them off to get out of trouble in the snow or to go on a rolling road. Don’t be tempted to drive your car every day with one of these fitted, it’s not what they are for. Fitting one of these to a 700cc smart fortwo or Roadster will also turn off the ABS so be careful.

The safety features make up for your lack of talent when driving. Driving with the safety features off will almost certainly end up with you in a hedge, possibly upside down. So don’t be a hero.

What Does Trust Stand For?

TRaction Und STability.