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Trust/Trust+ Removal

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How to gain back full control of your car.
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The first thing to do is understand what ‘Trust’ and ‘Trust+’ is.’Trust’ was fitted as standard to the Mk1, 2 and 3 (Spring 98 to September 2000) and was a basic traction control system monitoring yaw movement and wheel rotation.

‘Trust+’ was fitted to the Mk4, 5 and 6 (October 2000 to December 2002) and added to the previous system. It had the control to brake the wheels and disengage the clutch to reduce power to the wheels.

ESP was fitted to the Mk7 (January 2003 to January 2007) which was a totally different system to the trust and trust+ but it could still be turned off with the below method.

What Are The Benefits Of Turning The Trust Off?

It allows you to spin the wheels without the ECU cutting the power.
It allows the wheels to rotate at different speeds without loss of power – rolling road etc.
It gives you back full control of your car.

And The Drawbacks?

Sliding sideways into a bush, tree, lamp post if you put too much power down on a corner.
Wheel spinning damages the tyres.
Are you ready to be in full control of an out of control car?

How Do I Do It Then?

Firstly you must find the OBD (on board diagnostic) port. On the Mk1 to 6 it was found on the fuse board in the nearside footwell. If you find it in the offside cubby hole you have a Mk7 (700cc) and you should read below. The OBD port looks like the picture below, like a small version of a scart connector on a TV.

The picture shows how it is numbered as you look directly at it.

To turn off the trust/trust+ you can simply push an unbent paper clip into holes 4 and 7. This sends all the ECU K-line info to the earth, meaning none of the data is received.

It is very easy to make up a switch or a plug to do this if you want but NEVER bridge 4 and 7 with the car turned on, ALWAYS with the car off.

Why Shouldn’t I Do This To My 700cc Fortwo Or Roadster?

On the Mk7 and Roadster the Trust+ was replaced with ESP (Electronic Stability Protection) which is standard equipment on many expensive Mercedes and is far superior to the trust and trust+ systems. ESP can reduce speed, selectively brake individual wheels and
equalise the speed of the driven wheels.

Fitting this mod knocks out all those sensors and the ABS (anti-skid braking system).

It can make it dangerous to drive but if you are using the trust plug to turn off the ESP so you can get onto your icy drive, get out of a snow drift or mess about in an empty snow filled car park, then that’s ok. Just don’t drive every day with the safety systems turned off.

Can I Buy A Ready Made Plug?

Of course you can, they are available for a very reasonable price by clicking below.

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eBay alert

The only reason I am putting this info on here (apart from to pack the site out a bit) is because it seems that a few people think they can sell the info for money on eBay, just the info, not a plug in device. For example, at the time of writing there is an Italian guy selling info based on what you have just read for £25! That’s right, 25 big ones, what a dick, if you bought it and are reading this, you are a dick as well.

What Does Trust Stand For?

TRaction Und STability.