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Where To Buy Smart Parts

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I get a lot of emails asking about second hand and new parts and panels.
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First Things First. I Do NOT Sell Parts

Do not ask me for parts. Yes I probably have the part you need but I hoard those parts for personal use. Just in case.

OK, Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program

I know you lot have the attention span of a kid with ADHD. So I’ll do a quick summary.

Don’t Assume Smart Are Expensive

Just contact your local parts department and ask first. Don’t assume that eBay parts are going to be cheaper than from smart.

Where Do I Get New Smart Spare Parts?

This is a question that gets asked with alarming regularity and I’m deeply concerned that common sense doesn’t seem to be all that common. Let me give you a clue. If you wanted a part for a Hyundai, you’d go to a Hyundai dealer, if you wanted a part for a Dodge, you’d go to a Dodge dealer, if you needed a part for a Kia, you’d go to a Kia dealer. Do I really need to go on here?

Smart is a subsiduary of Mercedes so any Mercedes dealer should be able to order you parts.

If you REALLY can’t get to a smart/Merdedes dealer, look on eBay for a Mercedes dealer.
If you don’t, you’ll be ripped off or you’ll buy poor quality parts.

Mercedes of Swansea
Mercedes of Bridgend
Mercedes of Newcastle

If they don’t sell what you need, contact them by email or phone and ask them to order it.

But Smart Is Mercedes So It’ll Be Expensive!

Wrong. If there is a part that is only made by smart, the cheapest place to buy it is from smart because only smart make it. If a 3rd party company or person is selling OEM smart parts, they bought them from smart. They aren’t going to sell the parts for less than they bought them for are they! They put on their profit and you pay more, just because you wrongly assumed that smart would be expensive.

Sure, if you want low quality pattern copy parts, I’m sure they are cheap as shit on eBay. Remember why it’s cheap as shit, because usually, they are shit. For parts like sensors, they are made by Bosch etc. You can normally buy these cheaper online so check eBay, Euro Car Parts etc..

However, things that no companies make copied parts of like panels, trim, electronic controllers etc, they are cheaper at smart.

Idiots be like…

But Smart Doesn’t Have A Presence In My Country

You were silly to buy a car when you have no dealer back up then. Check out the Smart Parts Germany banner further down the page.

Discontinued Parts

Now smart has been bought out by a Chinese company, we are seeing a lot of parts now becoming unavailable. The problem is that there are a few people/companies out there that ramp their prices up as soon as they find out. You’d better start looking on eBay for cars being scrapped for parts or ask on the myriad of FaceBook groups. (just try not to get scammed).

Mercedes In USA Won’t Get 450 Parts For Me

That’s what happens when you get grey market cars. Depending on the part, try contacting a Canadian smart dealer as Canada had the 450. You could also ask members of the Canadian smart forum for 2nd hand parts. CSC Forum.

If not, check out the Smart Parts Germany banner further down the page.

Mercedes In USA Won’t Get 451 or 453 Parts For Me

Yes, sadly that’s what happens when a manufacturer pulls out of your country. People in Europe knew that smart wouldn’t survive in the US because they only started selling cars there because the “gas” prices had increased. Obviously that issue wasn’t going to be permanent so the sales of the cars dipped. You can blame Trump for cheap fuel which allowed people to go back to their 5.5 litre pickups.

Your only option now for new parts is to find a company in Europe who will act as a middle man to get you genuine smart parts and forward them on. Just be careful you shop around as there are some companies who take the piss for parts prices (I won’t advertise them here).

Cheaper On Ebay?

Over the years, smart’s prices have gone up and down more than a whore’s drawers. The fact is, you are very unlikely to find a company selling new OEM parts cheaper than smart. Don’t think that because a new part is on Ebay, it is going to be cheaper than from smart. In many cases the Ebayers are opportunists looking for a quick buck. I have seen new parts sell for 4 times the price on Ebay so be aware and check before you bid. Even 2nd hand parts sell for more than new because the sellers rely on people assuming that the dealer is going to be expensive. Just look at the parts on eBay being sold by Dewsbury Autos!

When I’m feeling down, I like to look at what they price things at, always makes me laugh.

I Need Part Numbers To Take To Smart

No you don’t, please don’t contact me asking for part numbers, you don’t need them. If you explain something badly, I give you the wrong part number, smart orders you the wrong part. Smart won’t take the part back as it is you who ordered it incorrectly.

If you really want part number, find them yourself here.

Just go into a smart dealer and explain to them what you want. If they order the wrong parts then it’s their fault and they rectify it.

New Parts

The quickest way is to go to your nearest smart dealer however, if you are in the UK you can buy directly from a Mercedes/smart dealer and have it sent to you by visiting this link. Mercedes Benz Parts UK

Thanks to Alastair M for the link.

Smart Tune

I have never used them but I know people who have with no issues.

Do check the price with your local smart centre first.


There is now a new company you can deal with that sends parts abroad.

This is a new company run by Bernd Rosenzweig who has worked for smart for 10 years before deciding to start his own smart parts business. He is happy to send parts all over the world and can get almost anything you want with very little delay.

Second Hand Spares

I have bought things from friends, purchased a few parts from Ebay and scrounged some parts from forum members. What do you do when there is a specific part you need that no one seems to have? But ALWAYS check the price of new parts from smart 1st. It’s very common for 2nd hand parts to be sold for more than new parts, just because people just assume smart will be expensive.

You have 4 choices.


Be very careful asking for parts on FaceBook smart forums. There are so many scammers. You can normally spot them quite easily as they often reply “message me” or “still searching?”. Ask for photos, ask them for specific photos to prove they haven’t just taken a photo from Google images. Try doing a reverse image search through Google images to see if it has been uploaded before.

NEVER pay with a bank transfer or with Western Union etc. PayPal or nothing, that way you have some comeback if they don’t send the parts.

If you are in Europe, a trusted source for parts seems to be Prado Smart in Portugal.

Breakers Yard

Contact as many breakers yards as you can and hope for the best. Don’t be surprised when they either don’t have a smart or don’t understand what you want.


There are always smarts being broken for parts on eBay so have a look on there. However, pay attention and check prices with smart as many eBay sellers try to sell 2nd hand parts for more than they cost new. Dewsbury Autos is a prime candidate for this.

A Local Smart Specialist

The third option is by far the best and has found me some unusual parts in double quick time. Contact your local smart specialist garage. They deal with smarts all day every day so generally have plenty of spares laying around or even cars to scrap for parts.

Final Word Of Advice

Now the production of the old fortwo, forfour and Roadster has ended, parts will be very important. If you have any spares you aren’t going to use, please keep them moving, keep them in the loop. Don’t let them sit in a garage doing no good to anyone. Give it away to a needy smart owner or sell it on eBay to fund your next modification or next year’s subscription.