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I’ve been too busy taking the photos to have any time left to edit and write the pages

I’m not dead. I haven’t run out of ideas. I haven’t abandoned the website. This isn’t FQ101.

I got myself another smart to play with so I’ve been taking a lot of photos but I just couldn’t get into the mindset to write the words. Being informative is easy but incredibly boring but being entertaining as well can be tricky if you are in the mood.

I’ve stopped enjoying my full time job of 19 years and it’s affecting me a bit.

451 heater controller fix.
451 cabin air inlet box removal.
Open your 451 if you lost your keys.
453 Smart Media Connect software update.
451 key resynchronisation.

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A major website update is coming soon including new subscription tiers, a more up-to-date look, an eBay style selling area and other shit like that.