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Roadster Radio Aerial Base

Modification Details

The Roadster doesn't suffer that badly with corrosion as the thread is hidden underneath the body.
However, there are arseholes out there who like to damage Roadsters.

Unscrew the aerial. Remove the front panels to reveal the aerial base.

Unscrew the cable (anticlockwise).

Look at the base, there are 2x 10mm nuts. Remove them both.

The base is now free to remove from the car.

Now is a good time to fit a new rubber base grommet.

It just pulls out. Getting a new one back in is a pain but keep prodding and pushing.

Before reconnecting the cable or the aerial, clean up the threads with a wire brush and apply copper grease to the threads

If you need to replace any parts, here are the smart part numbers.

Aerial - 0009691V004000000
Base - 0016054V001000000
Rubber Grommet - 0013787V003000000

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