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Cabrio Roof Info

Modification Details

Cabrio Roof Information

The rocker switch located to the side of the gear shift lever operates the cabrio roof.

Sunroof Function

To open the roof, press and hold the switch backwards. The roof will only move when
the switch is being held down. To close the roof, press and hold the switch forwards.
Again, the roof will only move while the switch is being held down.

Briefly pressing the switch backwards will open the sunroof all the way.
The opening can be interrupted by pressing the switch again.

Key Functions

You can use the key to operate the soft top from outside the car.

Rear Soft Top

To fully open the soft top, open the sunroof as directed above. When the roof is back as far as it will go press and hold the button again for two seconds, the rear soft top will then be released and it will lower. Gently pushing the roof down will engage a clip on each side.

With the top down, the side rails can be removed. These rails can be safely stored inside the tailgate storage. These rails must be replaced before the roof can be lifted back up.

Pressing the roof switch for two seconds releases the roof at the back,
the roof can then be lifted and clicked in place. Now the roof can be
closed by pushing the roof switch forwards as normal.

Soft Top Error

If the car refuses to start and the speedo display shows a “C” it indicates that the soft top is not properly engaged. You will usually find that it is not clipped in at the back.

If for some reason the electrics for the roof become faulty, it is still possible to close the roof fully in order to secure the vehicle. In your owners pack you should have a set of cranked keys. These keys are pushed into two small holes either side of the rear interior light, ensure they are both in properly and have engaged with the motor.

Slowly turn both keys anticlockwise until you hear a clicking noise, the catches will now have been released. Pull out the emergency keys and lift the rear soft top into place.

Insert the keys back into the holes and turn them anticlockwise, the sunroof will begin to close. Continue to rotate the keys, keeping the roof level until it is closed fully.

Looking After The Soft Top

The fact is, the roof isn’t indestructible and if you kill it, it will cost you mega bucks to fix. Keep it clean of bird crap, tree sap etc. Don’t put anything heavy or sharp on your roof and pray every night that some hoody scrote doesn’t take exception to your car.

And for God sake, don’t clean it with a pressure washer! Always clean it by hand.

Rear Window

on the 450 it’s a bit of flexible plastic, again look after it. Be extra careful of things in the boot
that could pierce or damage the window. After a while, the window will become translucent. Wash it with lukewarm water with a clean cloth or sponge and a small dash of car shampoo. Smart, amongst other companies, sell some gear that helps polish the rear window making the scratches disappear and making the window see through again.

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