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450 Dash Pods

The Fortwo can have a clock and a rev counter fitted onto the dash.

Modification Details

Dash Pods


On the rear of the clock pod are two buttons.
Single presses of either button will alter the clock back or forward by one minute.
Holding either button down for more than two seconds will allow the time to to
be adjusted at a faster rate.

The clock can be rotated to suit the driver.
The clock illuminates when the headlights are turned on.

Installing A Clock Pod

Remove the safety triangle from the top of the dash and slide the foot of the clock in place. Use 3 screws to hold it down, the holes are already in the top of the dash hidden by the safety triangle. Look at the base of the safety triangle you will see two electrical connections, the clock plugs into the smaller of the two connections.

Clock Problems

It has been noted by a some that the clock can start losing time, sometimes losing hours every day. The fault has been tracked down to one or more of the solder points drying up and cracking.

This generally happens because of the vibration through the car and years of heating up during the day and cooling down at night. Click here to see how to fix this fault.

The only way to fix it is to dismantle the clock and get out your soldering iron to remelt all the joints.
 If the clock doesn't work at all then you should look at the connector and wiring, multimeter time.

Rev Counter

The rev counter, believe it or not, shows the revolutions per minute of the engine.
Correctly using the rev counter will help you save fuel and reduce the stress on the engine. It’s best to keep the revs around 2000 – 3000 during normal driving.

The rev counter can be rotated to suit the driver.
The rev counter illuminates when the headlights are turned on.

Installing A Rev Counter


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