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450 Grill Removal

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PremiumNo Difficulty Mod ID781 Creditevilution For450 Fortwo Link Copy to Clipboard

The grill is held on by 7 clips. From Mk6 onwards and cabrio there were 3 on the top and 4 along the bottom (circled in red below).

On the Mk1 to 5 there were 4 clips on the top and 3 along the bottom.

Looking in between the panels will make the clips obvious, you can unclip them one by one with a screwdriver or insert a lolly stick into each one and slide the grill out.

With a flat blade screwdriver, push each of the clips down and pull the grill out in stages.

The clips are quite robust but have been known to snap if unclipped in cold weather or forced.

Start from one end and work across, unclip each tab and pull the grill forward each time. With the grill removed you can see the clips in place.