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451 ED HV Heater Change

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If the ED heater fix didn’t work, you’ll have to replace the heater pack.

If you have a left hand drive car, your job is easy, just pull back the footwell carpet, remove the polystyrene footwell block and you’ll have access to the heater in the cabin airbox. However, if you have a right hand drive car, you pretty much have to remove the carpet since the pedals and the foot rest is in the way.

You can try to pull the carpet down but it’ll make you angry.

Removing the carpet isn’t bad. Both seats out. gearstick surround, loosen the lower centre console, remove the brake pedal and then slide the front section of carpet out.

Rule 0

Disconnect the 12v battery earth connection and pull the high voltage service plug.

HV Heater Pack Removal

With the furry foam backed bastard out of the way, you can see the heater in the cabin heater box. Remove the 3x Torx 20 screws.

Then we have to disconnect the orange high voltage connector.

Press the top and bottom of the plug and some tabs will pop out.

Whilst squeezing these tabs, pull the connector towards the front of the car.

Now to disconnect the low voltage control connector. See the grey tab? Push it towards the front of the car to extend it, then push the grey tab in to release the locking lever. With that pressed, push the connector towards the front of the car.

Finally you need to unscrew the earth connection. Use a Torx20 and remove the bolt.

Slide the heater out of the cabin heater box.

Fit your replacement and reconnect everything in reverse of above.

Reconnect the 12v battery and the HV service plug. Turn on the car, set to fan speed 1, select the highest temperature and select the forward facing vents. Hopefully you’ll quickly feel the heat coming from the vents.

If you have a code reader, delete all of the codes.