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451 Headlight Bulb Change

Mod Description
How to change all of the headlight bulbs on a new smart fortwo (451).
Mod Details
PremiumNo Difficulty Mod ID188 CreditEvilution For451 Fortwo Link Copy to Clipboard

Remove the front centre panel to gain access to the headlights. See here.

Headlight Rear Layout

Red – Main beam
Blue – Dipped beam
Green – Side light
Yellow – Indicator

Main/Full Beam Bulb (H7)

Reach behind the headlight and pull of the rubber cap nearest the centre of the car.

Hold the bulb connector and push it down to unclip the top 2 clips.

Lift the bulb slightly to clear the lower clip and pull the bulb free. Disconnect the connector.

As you can see, the main beam bulb is held in with 3 spring clips.

A new bulb can simply be pushed into place although it can take a bit of force.
Make sure you are attempting to put the headlight in the right way with the tab facing up.

Dipped Beam Bulb (H7)

Reach in behind the headlight and remove the further rubber cap, it just pulls off.

Pull of the electrical connection, pull by the plug and not by the wires.

There is a metal clip holding the bulb in place. It needs to be pushed in and over to one side to clear the catches that it is clipped in to.

If you lose this clip, go to a smart dealer with the part number A 000 993 86 07.

The clip will now fold out of the way allowing you to remove the bulb.

When fitting the new bulb, be aware that it will only go in one way round because of the tab.

Side/Parking Bulb (501)

Over in the far corner of each light is the sidelight stalk.

Disconnect the connector and twist the stalk an 8th of a turn to release. Some of you have been moaning like little girls about the original picture being uninformative. The right hand headlight as you look at the car, turn the bulb holder anticlockwise.

The left hand headlight as you look at the car, turn the bulb holder clockwise.

Yes they can be awkward and stiff to turn. The stalk will now pull free from the headlight unit with the bulb on the end.

This is the complete stalk with the 501 wedge bulb in place.

The bulb simply pulls out and the replacement pushes in place. Refitting the stalk is the reverse of removal.

Reconnect the connector and test.

Indicator/Turn Signal Bulb (PY21W)

Right at the back of each headlight, above the sidelight is the indicator. The bulb is covered by a twisting cap that requires a 1/6th turn to release it.

On the rear of the headlight are 2 markers and 1 marker on the twisting cap. These markers line up to depict the open or closed state of the cap.

With the cap twisted to the open position, the cap can be pulled out with the bulb attached.

As with most bulbs of this design, to release them you push in, twist and pull out. The indicator bulbs have offset pins so pay close attention when replacing them.

Refitting is the reverse of removal. Test the ensure they work correctly.