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451 Rear Light Removal

Mod Description
You can remove the lights for tinting etc, saves masking it all.
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PremiumNo Difficulty Mod ID201 CreditEvilution For451 Fortwo Link Copy to Clipboard

There’s not really many reasons for removing the rear lights as the bulbs and bulb holders can be accessed without removing the panels or lights from the car. One reason I did find was reversing out of a parking spot at smart in Chelmsford and hitting a low bollard that was in my blind spot and not visible out the back (I had the cabrio roof down). This smashed a big chunk out of the light so needed replacing.

451 Rear Light Removal

Remove the side skirts and then remove the rear panels.

On the top of the light is a metal clip. Lever it off. When you lose it, buy more from smart using part number A 0019918670.

Swing the light unit down about 45 degrees.

At the bottom of the light is the hinge. Swing the light down until the tab lines up with the hole. Once it lines up, pull it out.

The light is now removed.