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453 EQ Crash Sensor

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453 Pyro Fuse

Surprise! Unlike most other EV cars, the 453 doesn’t have a pyro fuse. Instead of something easy to change, it has an entire controller which internally destructs in a crash.


You’ve crashed the car and it will no longer drive. However, the car may still accept a charge. If so, there’s a good chance that the crash sensor needs changing

High Voltage Crash Sensor Switch – EQ Only

This sensor module is bolted to the centre tunnel underneath the centre of the dashboard. You’ll have to remove the centre console top and side to get to it. It’s listed as N2/1 on smart wiring diagrams and diagnostics. It communicates with the airbag controller during a crash. If the crash switch decides that the crash was severe enough to damage the battery, it sends a signal to the battery to discharge itself until flat. In this scenario, the car will not accept a charge.

The crash sensor is bolted to the tunnel with 2x 7mm bolts. Be very careful when you remove these bolts as there are holes in the tunnel that they can fall into.

On the EQ that I was rebuilding after a crash, MB Star Xentry Diagnostics was complaining that it couldn’t delete the faults from the N2/1 crash sensor.

I was lucky. The battery was fine but the unit had blown. I bought a 2nd hand one and fitted it.

Once I’d fitted it and deleted the error codes, the car worked correctly afterwards.

When refitting the replacement, ensure that the arrow faces forwards.

Doesn’t Accept A Charge

Unfortunately the car thinks that the crash was severe enough to damage the battery. In which case it will go into junkyard mode and drain the HV battery to make it safe to recycle the car.

It’s worth changing the crash sensor just in case but if that doesn’t work, you are in trouble. Your best option is to remove the HV battery, take the BMS out and send it off to a specialist to have it recoded to remove the crash data. Depending on how discharged the HV battery was, the voltage may be too low to charge through the standard charger. In which case you’ll have to manually charge the batteries up.

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