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Intercooler Scoop Removal

Mod Description
It's common to have a part of the lower intercooler scoop missing as they often get smashed off by stuff in the road like dead foxes and giraffes etc. The scoop is 2 parts so you can just replace the broken section if you want.
Mod Details
PremiumNo Difficulty Mod ID1094 Credits2smarts/evil For450 Fortwo452 Roadster Link Copy to Clipboard

The intercooler scoop is in 2 parts, an upper and a lower section. Annoying joined in the middle with clips. These clips are awkward and ping off never to be seen again so pay attention. You have already removed the intercooler fan and the intercooler radiator to get to this point.

Upper Section

Down the left side of the top section is a Torx E8 bolt…

…it’s just above the gearbox angle sensor. Arrowed below shows where the bolt was removed from.

The left side upper scoop bolt is the same Torx E8 size but a lot easier to see and access.

Now you have to remove the clips that hold the 2 sections together. Looking from under the car, they are halfway up.

This shows both sections removed and reassembled (in the correct orientation) to show the placement of the clips.

Here is a close up of one of the little bastards. They are sprung metal and boy, do they spring. Expect to lose both if you aren’t careful. I’d recommend safety glasses too for this bit.

Lever the clip out on each side. Spend 30 minutes finding them or getting them out of your eye socket. If you lose them, the smart part number for a pair is 0001312V001000000.

The top section of the intercooler scoop can no be pulled from the car.

Lower Section

Once the top section is removed, there is only 1 plastic fixing holding the lower section. Look under the car, up the scoop and to the back of the lower section.

Pull the centre out of the white plastic peg, this disengages the clip. (smart part number 0004461V000000000).

The lower section of the scoop can now be pulled from underneath the car.

If yours is snapped, the smart part number is 0003246V007000000. Go and buy one from smart.