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Key Modifications

Mod Description
Ok, we all know the smart key is rubbish, its bulky, badly designed and can lose its coding.
Mod Details
PremiumYes Difficulty Mod ID371 CreditEvil Cost££20 For450 Fortwo452 Roadster Link Copy to Clipboard

Key Losing Its Coding

Firstly lets look at the coding problem. Quite a few new For2 owners have discovered that their key suddenly refuses to unlock their smart and disable the immobiliser, all it does is flash the indicators 9 times. Some people have credited this to pushing the lock button accidentally when the keys are in your pocket or bag.

Lets look at making the lock button harder to push.

This X (circled in red) is the part that pushes the micro switch that locks the car. Using a sharp knife and cut half of the X off. This will ensure the button has to be pushed down twice as far to engage the lock switch.

The Incredible Bulk

It’s big, it’s round (no, it’s not your girlfriend), it’s the smart key. To sort it out let’s do a trial separation (that sounds like most women).

Firstly, whip the keyring off and pry the key in half with a 2 pence piece. Stick your fingernail under the PCB and remove that as well.

Circled in red is the plastic tab that holds the key to the fob, just pull the key blade out with pliers.

Reassemble the key and put the keyring through the fob and the hole in the keyblade.

Job done.

Switchblade/Flip Key

First up this is not a mod that I recommend, its just something I did for the sake of doing it.

Get on to and do a search for ‘switchblade’ in the automotive section. Most of these will work just fine.

When you get the flip key, flip it halfway out and look at the side. There will be either a small rolled pin or screw holding the old keyblade in.

Take it out and DON’T LOSE IT!

Above are the 3 steps to get your smart blade to fit the flip fob.

Place the old blade over the smart blade and mark the areas that need to be removed. Start up your £25 B&Q bench grinder and start lopping chunks off the key. The final step is to run a channel across the top that the screw/rolled pin slides into, copy it from the original blade.

Mix up a tiny bit of chemical metal or Araldite and glue the key into the flip key and replace the screw/rolled pin.

Make sure the key closes OK and allow to dry.

Job done unless you want to transfer the PCB but I’ll leave that to you. I did it and its a pain.