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Oil Adapter Fitting

Mod Description
The standard oil filter doesn't have anti drain back or a bypass valve, adding an adapter like this allows you to use better quality, cheaper and easy to obtain canister filters.
Mod Details
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More information on the part we are fitting can be found here. If you crouch down and look under the back of the car you will see a black dome with a hexagon head just behind the exhaust in the centre.

You will need something to catch a small amount of oil. I have used a paint tray but a take away container or your Mum’s wedding dress will be fine. Get the 27mm socket and ratchet and undo it (anticlockwise) until it comes off.

Pull the filter out and you should see this.

As you can see not much oil comes out when the cover is removed, probably 3 shot glasses worth at most.

Here is what you are going to be replacing it with.

Rub a bit of the old collected oil on the rubber seal and screw it hand tight into the hole (really really hand tight, as tight as you possibly can). If you wish, you can use a socket over the centre nut to tighten it but be careful that you don’t over tighten it.


David Bolland contacted me showing how he fitted his Thinkauto M20 adapter. For some reason they don’t see fit to give you a centre nut on the M20 version so he unscrewed the centre thread and inserted two M5 bolts into opposite holes and tightened it with a bar . Thanks to David for the extra info concerning this.

When you have tightened it , oil the rubber seal of the oil filter and screw that to the adapter (hand tight, do not use a tool to tighten the filter). Fill the oil to maximum on the dipstick, start the car up and go for a ride. When the car is at full temperature (3 blobs) check the oil level and check for leaks.

Don’t pour the waste oil down the drain (well, don’t get caught anyway).

Extra (but pointless) Info

It’s not something you are every likely to need to know but it’s handy to be able to clarify. Oil enters the filter from the engine through the smaller outer holes, passes through the non return valve, through the filter medium before exiting the middle of the filter back into the engine.

Ideally, when fitting an oil radiator it should be fitted after the filtering process. This because warm oil is thinner so filters quicker.

What Filters Can I Use?

Take a look at the list at the bottom of this page.