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Roadster Boot Latch Testing

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Below is the catch that holds the Roadster’s boot closed on both the Roadster and Roadster coupe.

There are several reasons why this would fail to open. A fuse could be blown, a wire could be damaged, the key could be out of sync or the solenoid that opens the catch could be faulty. The most likely is a faulty catch. The catch is very easy to test using a power supply or even a 9 volt battery (square PP3 type).

Remove the catch unit.

On the right of the unit you will find a 2 pin electrical connection.

All you have to do is apply voltage to the pins. Negative left, positive right. You can use a 12v power supply if you have one, if not, use a square 9v battery.

As you apply the voltage to the pins, you should get the solenoid pulling back and opening the catch. When you remove the voltage, the catch should automatically close as it’s spring loaded.

If it moves, it works fine and you should check the earth connection. If nothing happens then you’ll need to replace it with a new one.

Part Number

The part for both the Roadster and Roadster coupe is exactly the same. To buy one, take this number to smart.

Q 0009283V006000000