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Roadster Brake Booster Removal

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What Is A Brake Booster

It’s a booster….right…..(hold onto your hats)….FOR YOUR BRAKES!

You don’t realise how much pressure you have to put through the brakes to make them work. You have 3 options.

1 – Have 1 incredibly powerful leg.
2 – Have a brake pedal that moves about 1 metre.
3 – Have an assistant that increases your puny leg power.

Let’s presume that the last one is the way to go.

The brake booster sits between the brake pedal and the brake master cylinder. It has a diaphragm connected to the rod connected to the brake pedal. On 1 side of the diaphragm is standard atmospheric air pressure (1 BAR). The other side of the diaphragm connects to the air inlet manifold of the engine which can create a near vacuum when the throttle body is closed (when you release the accelerator pedal).

Pressure on 1 side and vacuum on the other immediately pre-loads the brake master cylinder but not enough that it presses the pedal itself. So when you do press the pedal, you are assisted and it effectively triples your leg power.

Master Cylinder Removal

Annoyingly, the external master cylinder is on the outside but the fixings are on the inside. Double annoyingly, it’s the same fixings that holds the brake pedal to the bulkhead.

Look up near the top of the brake pedal, there;s a pin and clip.

It’s a bit of a pain to release in the position it’s in.

You have to lever up and push it across.

You can then slide the pin out to disconnect it from the rod. Now pay attention to the 4x nuts in each corner. 3 of them are easy to get to. The lower right one is a pain. Your options are:


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