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Roadster Carpet Removal

Mod Description
Roadsters leak and the carpet holds all the water, eventually it starts to smell
Mod Details
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This page explains how to get the front section of carpet out of the Roadster so you can dry it out.
Going from this…


…to this.


Front Carpet Removal

Open the roof, remove the roof side bars, remove the seats using a Torx 45 screwdriver and unbolt the seatbelt from the seat side using a 17mm hexagon socket. If you have seat heaters or side airbags then you need to disconnect those too.


Just under the handbrake is a cap, lever this out and remove the Torx 15 screw underneath. At the back of the handbrake surround is a catch that slides out as shown. Pull the gear knob off (don’t twist and don’t press the button as you pull).


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