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Roadster Coolant Specifications

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Coolant Colour

Don’t pay too much attention to the colour of the coolant, it doesn’t necessarily tell you what it is made from (propylene glycol, ethylene glycol etc). It is recommended that you top up with the same type coolant but if you bought the car new, you won’t know what was used. As long as you select a coolant from the list below, you will be ok to top your system up with it.

If you have drained the system and flushed it out, you can replace the coolant with which ever type you like as long as it is compatable with aluminium.

Where Is The Coolant Expansion Tank?

The position varies between the fortwo and the Roadster, click here to see the position.


To banish any airlocks that occur, just have a look here.


Do not leave the collected coolant in an open container that can be accessed by animals, the antifreeze is sweet and many pets have died drinking it.

Coolant Specs

The coolant composition must be a 50:50 ratio (half and half). Half coolant, half water.
The coolant contains antifreeze and anticorrosion agents and should conform
to specification sheet number 325.0 or premixed coolant spec sheet 326.0

Generally, standard drinking water is fine to use as long as you don’t live in a hard water area.
If you do, consider using distilled water available from most car shops or bottled water from a supermarket.

Coolant Capacity

Roadster – 4.2L

Recommended Coolant

Product Name Country
Comma Xstream G48 Europe & Asia
Addinol Antifreeze Super Germany
Agip Langzeit-Frostschutz Germany
Aral Antifreeze Extra Germany
Avia Antifreeze APN Germany
Fuchs Fricofin Antifreeze Germany
Genantin Super Germany
Glysantin Anti Korrosion Germany
Glysantin G48 Germany
Glysantin Mit Protect Plus Germany
Hightec Antifreeze AN Germany
MB 325.0 000 989 08 25 Germany
MB 325.0 000 989 21 25 Germany
Procar Kuhlerschutz Extra Germany
BP Isocool England
Castrol Antifreeze NF England
Glycoshell England
Glycoshell N England
Agip Antifreeze Extra D Italy
Agip Antifreeze Plus Italy
Glacelf MDX France
Powercooling Concentrate Antifreeze France
Total Antifreeze and Summer Coolant France
York 716 France
EuroPeak Coolant Antifreeze USA
Mobil GS 333 Extra USA
Valvoline Antifreeze Extra USA
Zerex G05 USA
Zerex G48 USA
Engen Antifreeze and Summer Coolant South Africa
Engman’s – Super Antifreeze Coolant South Africa
Sasol Freezol South Africa
Shell Tri Guard South Africa
Krafft Refrigerant ACU 2300 Spain
Anticongelante Diator Premium Mexico
Antifreeze RL-Plus Mexico
Caltex CX Antifreeze Coolant Belgium
Aseol Antifreeze Switzerland
ESA Frostschutz G05 Switzerland
ESA Antifreeze G48 Switzerland
Motorex Antifreeze G05 Switzerland
Motorex Antifreeze Protect G48 Switzerland
Panolin Anti-Frost MT-325 Switzerland
Behran Zagros Iran
Dragon Power Coolant A Korea
Eurol Afrostin Austria
OMV Kuhlerfrostschutz Austria
EVOX Extra G48 Antifreeze Concentrate Hungary
Fridex G48 Czech Republic
INA Antifriz Al Super Croatia
Permant 100 Bosnia
PO Ozel Antifriz Turkey
Adeco Tec Freeze Serbia


 Product Name  Country
 OEM XL European Premixed  Canada
 BASF Coolant G05-23/50  Germany
 Total Coolelf MDX-37  France
 Smart A 000 989 08 25  UK