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Roadster Pod Needle Wonky

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PremiumNo Difficulty Mod ID1638 Creditevilution For452 Roadster Link Copy to Clipboard

Dash Pod Needle Not At Zero

If the dash pods lose power whilst the car is on, the needle on the boost gauge (or sometimes the temperature gauge) can go out of sync and not sit at zero. When the car is off, they should be like this.

Remove the clip on surround by pulling it off. Undo the 2 circled Torx 6 screws.

Remove the internal surround.

Pull of the needle.

Turn the car on, start the engine, waiting 10 seconds and turn the car off. Push the needle back on so it’s facing the zero. Don’t twist it as you replace the needle. Start the car again and turn it off. Make sure the needles go back to zero. Refit the front of the dash pod.

What About Nudging The Needle Back To Zero?

This works on the fortwo but I’m not sure about the Roadster. Try it and let me know. Remove the front of the pod, manually push the needle around to zero and start the car to test.