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Speed Pulse Connection

Mod Description
Many of the Blaupunkt sat-nav systems rely on a pulse generated by the car so the sat-nav can determine more accurately the speed of the car when it is out of range or view of the satellites.
Mod Details
PremiumNo Difficulty Mod ID482 CreditEvilution For450 Fortwo451 Fortwo452 Roadster454 Forfour Link Copy to Clipboard

Where Is The Speed Pulse Connection

450 Fortwo And RoadsterAlthough it sounds obvious when you think about it, the connection is on the back of the speedo. The first thing we need to do is to remove the speedo. The main connection is a black 18 pin (2 rows of 9) lever topped AMP connection.

The speed pulse is sent out through pin 11 which should be empty. The only other empty connection is pin 4, this won’t be empty if you have a CDI.

Disconnecting The Speedo

Push in the front clip and swing the lever over.

With the connection pulled out you can see the numbering.

Slide the clip off using a flat blade screwdriver.

Pull the connector from the housing.

Adding The Connection

You will have to check to see what type of terminal you need but it looks like a 1mmx1mm.

Will It Work Straight Away?

Maybe, maybe not. It’s a bit hit and miss like the rev counter activation. If it doesn’t work you will need to get smart to activate it using their Star machine. This shouldn’t cost a great deal as it takes no time at all to activate.

Speedo Pinouts

Pin Number Wire Colour Connects To
1 Yellow/Red Stalk pin 1
2 Brown/White SAM unit connection 5 pin 7
3 Grey Temperature sensor pin 1
4 Black/Blue Heater booster, diesel only
5 Green/blue Seat belt switch pin 1
6 White/Blue SAM unit connection 3 pin 9
7 Blue SAM unit connection 3 pin 4
8 Red/White SAM unit connection 2 pin 3
9 Brown Earth
10 Yellow Restraint control unit pin 7
11 Whatever Gala speed pulse output
12 Green Temperature sensor pin 2
13 White Steering wheel pin 1
14 Pik/White SAM unit connection 8 pin 15, CAN high
15 Brown/Red ESP pin 24, steering angle sensor pin 2, CAN high
16 White/Black ESP pin 40, steering angle sensor pin 1, CAN low
17 Pink/Green SAM unit connection 8 pin 14, CAN low
18 Brown/Black Steering wheel pin 2

451 Fortwo And Forfour

There are no GALA speed pulse pins on these cars so your only option is a CAN BUS to speed pulse convertor. Do a search on Google or eBay For the words, can bus speed, and you will find something you can use.The MDC cruise control unit has a GALA speed output on the PCB.

These convertors watch the data on the CAN bus and take the information they need and convert it into data that the stereo/sat nav can use. The CAN high and CAN low signals can be taken from the OBD port of the 451 fortwo and Forfour. The only other connections usually required are a 12v switched positive power feed and an earth.

The convertors usually also output a reverse signal, handbrake on signal, ignition on and lights on data as well as the GALA speed pulse required by some sat nav systems.

High end convertors also offer speed dependant data for stereos that increase the volume as the car speeds up. This is to counteract the extra road nose and engine noise.