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Touch Up Paint

Mod Description
If you have an unsightly scratch or stone chip on your smart, check out the paint touch up pens available from smart.
Mod Details
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Why Use Touch Up Paint

Touch up paint pens are small vials of paint to match one of the various smart colours. They are used if you have a scratch or stone chip that needs covering up.


Although the paint is made especially for smart, they very rarely match exactly simply because some of the panels aren’t painted. Panels also fade over time making them appear lighter. The finish is never going to be perfect but will usually be better than a scratch. When used on the Tridion it will stop any bared metal from rusting.


If you have scratch black, numeric blue, aqua vanilla etc, you are going to have problems.

Using Touch Up Paint

Clean the panel that has the damage, you need to remove all the wax as well as the dirt. Shake the touch up paint for a couple of minutes to ensure it is properly mixed. Open the paint pen, forget the brush that comes with it, it’s too big for what we need. Pour a small amount into a cap and dab the paint into the damage using a cardboard match, toothpick or cocktail stick. Don’t use a brushing motion as it will leave brush marks.

You will want to apply 2 or 3 layers and allow at least 1 hour drying time in between applications.

The finished paint application will be above the surface of the original paint. You must now leave it to totally dry for at least 24 hours. Depends on temperature.

Soak a 1200 grit sanding block for a few hours and gently sand just the fresh paint. It is of the upmost importance that you take your time and not touch the original paint. Then move on to 2000 grit and then 3000 grit sanding blocks (again soaked in water).

When the new paint has been brought down to the same level as the original it will look dull. This is fixed by using a good quality cutting compound (not T-Cut) on and around the repair. Once it has been blended into the original paint, use car polish and then a car wax to protect.

Touch Up Paint Codes

Have a look here for the paint codes. Click.

Where To Buy?

Touch Up Paint Factory (UK)