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Wiper Arm Washer Jet

Mod Description
The first few generations of smart had a wiper mounted windscreen washer jet. Even when they removed it and went with a standard tridion mounted tri-jet, many of the parts are still in place allowing you to retrofit it.
Mod Details
PremiumNo Difficulty Mod ID589 CreditEvilution Cost££14 For450 Fortwo Link Copy to Clipboard

Firstly you need to get to smart and buy the following,
0001566V00200000 jet wiper arm left,
0003914V00200000 N/stk connector.

Then go to Halfords and buy an HWP4 T-piece and a short length of hose to fit it.

Take the front of the car off which can be seen here. Remove the centre bolt with a T20 screwdriver and the 2 outside bolts with a T30.

With the three bolts out you can pull the plastic cover up and off the car.

Remove the three T20 bolts (circled in red below) from the nearside headlight.

Swing the headlight out to one side to gain access behind it.

Look where the wiper goes through the body and you will see the drive shaft and surround, attach the hose to the connection that comes out the back of the surround.

Route the pipe to the front centre area of the car where the other pipe is found.

Replace the headlight, tighten the lower two bolts then pay attention to the top one. You will see clearly where it was positioned before, line it up and lighten it down.

Take your Halford’s T-piece,

Cut the original pipe in two and trim the new pipe to the right length.

Attach the three ends to the T-piece and zip tie them in place.

Lift up the cover on the near side windscreen wiper.

Look at the base and you will see a hole and a bump.

Remove the wiper for better access using a 13mm socket.

Take your small connector that you bought from smart and push it in place.

There is an indent that lines up with the bump seen above. It can take a bit of force but it will go in, I used a rubber mallet.

Replace the wiper and look along the arm, you will see a raised bump, This coincides with a hole in the washer jet clip, clip it over the bump.

Push the other end of the pipe into the outlet under the cover.

Push the clip over the spring and zip tie the pipe where necessary.

Close the cover at the base of the wiper and route the tube out of the indent, don’t tighten the zip ties up too tightly otherwise they will restrict the flow.

That’s it all fitted, replace and screw down the cover you took off right at the beginning and refit the front panels. Test the jet and adjust the nozzles if necessary. Job done.