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Kane Harrison

Normal Mod 450 Brake Pedal Removal450 Fortwo

Why Would I Need To Remove The Brake Pedal? The main reason is that you are removing the carpet but you may have other reasons. This is the brake pedal. If you didn't know that, you shouldn't be driving or maybe you're Italian and have never used it. You know when you...

Premium Mod 450 Brake Shoe Change450 Fortwo

Although the rear brake shoes only do about 15% of the braking, the friction material wears down. Eventually they will need changing.

Normal Mod 450 Button Triangle Pin Out450 Fortwo

Wiring for the dash top triangle button bank on the 450.
Both version, with heated seats (12 pin) and without heated seats (8 pin).

Premium Mod 450 Cabin Air Intake Drain450 Fortwo

The air conditioning system removes a lot of water from the air, this water is released from a condenser box behind the front panel.

Normal Mod 450 Cabin Intake Box Removal450 Fortwo

Remove the front panels. Remove the headlights. Remove the front crash bar. Remove the front frame. Lift the brake fluid reservoir off the clip on the side of the cabin air filter intake box. Use a long flat blade screwdriver to push in the clip as you lift it. Now...

Premium Mod 450 Cabin/Pollen Filter450 Fortwo

If you suffer from hayfever there is a good chance this will interest you. The smart pollen filter isn't always fitted as standard and if you do have one fitted it should be changed yearly.

Premium Mod 450 Cabrio Roof Tension450 Fortwo

If your cabrio roof looks to be sagging slightly, you can adjust the tension springs hidden in the rear spoiler.

Premium Mod 450 Camshaft Removal450 Fortwo

To get to the camshaft you have to remove the air inlet manifold and rocker cover. Take an E10 socket and remove all 8 of the bolts that hold the bearing caps to the engine head (12Nm on refitting). The bearing caps are the brackets that hold the camshaft to the...

Premium Mod 450 CAN Bus PIDs450 Fortwo

Credit All credit for this information goes to Jack Rogers. This is all well over my level of understanding. Please don't message me asking questions about it as I have no idea. Notes The tables below are laid out in binary. Each CAN message consists of upto 8...

Premium Mod 450 CAN Bus Wiring450 Fortwo

450 CAN Bus Wiring This shows the wiring colours, pin positions and connections between electronic modules. The CAN Bus (Controller Area Network) is a network of 2 wires that connects all of the control modules. They use this network to communicate all of the data...

Premium Mod 450 CDI Injector Removal450 Fortwo

Uncover the engine. Just underneath the "smart cdi" logo is the fuel rail. Attached to the fuel rail are 3 injectors. I have highlighted one of the injectors below. Here is a closer look of 1 of the 3 injectors. To disconnect the electrical connector, pull out the...

Premium Mod 450 Central Locking Testing450 Fortwo

Central Locking Not Staying Locked When you lock the central locking, if the car immediately unlocks itself then the first thing to do is check that both doors and the boot are correctly shut. If they are and the central locking still refuses to stay locked then there...

Premium Mod 450 Centre Console Removal450 Fortwo

Remove the stereo - see here. Remove the lower drawer. Pull it out as far as it'll go. Press the sides of the drawer in and pull the drawer free. Look to the left just under the dash, remove this screw with a Torx10 screwdriver. Look to the left just under the...

Premium Mod 450 Chain Tensioner Removal450 Fortwo

The timing chain runs from the crankshaft up to the camshaft. For every 2 turns of the crankshaft, the camshaft will turn once. This relation between the 2 sprockets must stay the same at all times to keep the combustion cycle working and to stop the valves from...

Normal Mod 450 Child Seat Frame450 Fortwo452 Roadster

Baby Seat Fixing Did you decide to bring a noisy, life sucking, pooing and spewing, useless meat bag into this world? Did you think that keeping your smart was a good idea? If you answered yes to both of these, there is something mentally wrong with you. However,...

Normal Mod 450 Clutch Actuator Gaiter450 Fortwo

I'm sure you know that the clutch actuator is a bit of a weak spot. It doesn't snap the spiral like the 451 and 454 however, it does dry up internally which will slow down the movement. The only thing that stops the water from getting into the casing is a rubber boot....

Normal Mod 450 Clutch Actuator Setting450 Fortwo

Removing The Clutch Actuator For Smart Fortwo (450) 1. Switch off the ignition. 2. Wait for approximately 1 minute. 3. Make sure the clutch is completely closed. 4. Disconnect the electric connection on the clutch actuator motor. 5. Loosen clutch actuator (5) screws...

Premium Mod 450 Clutch Actuator Testing450 Fortwo

Testing an item off of the car can prove if it is working or not.
Bench testing allows you to narrow down your searches if something is faulty as it allows the individual testing of complicated items.