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Kane Harrison

Normal Mod 450 Driveshaft Seals450 Fortwo

Do you have oil on the ends of the driveshaft where they enter the transmission? If you do, there is good possibilty that the seals are not doing their job properly and need replacing.

Normal Mod 450 ECU Pin Out450 Fortwo452 Roadster

The ECU (or MEG) controls all of the engine parameters ensuring that it is running as best as it possibly can.

Normal Mod 450 Engine Oil Change450 Fortwo451 Fortwo452 Roadster453 Fortwo/Forfour454 Forfour

Changing the oil on a smart isn't like most other cars. You can't just undo the sump plug and let it all drain out, the main reason is because it doesn't have a sump plug.You have to adopt the same service technique as used in boats, the oil is sucked out through the...

Premium Mod 450 Exhaust Fitting450 Fortwo

Fit a different exhaust, free up a bit of power and make the smart sound a bit beefier.

Normal Mod 450 Filler Flap Removal450 Fortwo

Remove the filler flap to fit a colour coded or after market flap. You may have snapped off the locking tab and need to change it.

Normal Mod 450 Filler Neck Flange450 Fortwo

The rubber boot surrounding the filler neck seals the tridion to stop fluid ingress. Being rubber and being exposed to fuel and stress, they can perish and become damaged.

Premium Mod 450 Floppy Wing Mirrors450 Fortwo

The wing mirrors should sit in a certain position but should fold if forced. However, some people reported that their mirrors just flap about and don't lock. Let's see why. Disassemble the mirror and you eventually end up with this. It's the mirror adjustment head and...

Normal Mod 450 Fog Light Bulb Change450 Fortwo

The fog light bulbs shouldn’t die too often as they are rarely used but if they do give up you will need to get them fixed for the MOT.

Premium Mod 450 fortwo Belt Change450 Fortwo

This page covers the AC belt and alternator/water pump belt. Air Conditioning Belt Look at the right hand side of the engine. It's not easy to see. Find the tensioner pulley wheel. Use a Torx45 bit to loosen the screw arrowed in the photo below. Push the pulley wheel...

Normal Mod 450 Fortwo Earth Upgrade450 Fortwo452 Roadster

Very popular with Ricers. Upgrading the engine earth can release more power and torque from your engine, make your stereo sound better and increase your MPG.

Premium Mod 450 Fortwo ECU Cloning450 Fortwo

Cloning The 450 Fortwo ECU Cloning is a process where you take data from 1 item and copy it to another to make an exact replica. Why Would I Need To Do That? ECU's have been known to fail from water ingress, electrical damage from fitting the battery the wrong way...

Premium Mod 450 Fortwo Front Bearings450 Fortwo

Replace The Front Wheel Bearings Parts Required: Stretch hub bolt - 0001906V005000000 - 1 per side. Front bearing hub - 0001870V02300000 - 1 per side. Fitting Remove the brake disc and brake calliper. Remove the centre cap to reveal the centre bolt. There isn't much...

Normal Mod 450 Fortwo LCD450 Fortwo452 Roadster

The smart LCD display tells us a lot of useful information if you know what you are looking at.

Premium Mod 450 Fortwo Rear Bearings450 Fortwo

If you fit larger alloys there is a good chance that after a few years one or more of your wheel bearings will develop a squeak. The squeak will get worse and eventually the whole thing will seize.

Normal Mod 450 Fortwo SE Drive450 Fortwo

It's a gear stick, pretty boring eh? Not if you are me. SE is short for Sequential. The SE Drive contains some clever things like magnetically controlled non contact switches and a pretty nifty but simple gear stick locking device. Let's have a closer look. SE Drive...