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Kane Harrison

Normal Mod 450 Fortwo Earth Upgrade450 Fortwo452 Roadster

Very popular with Ricers. Upgrading the engine earth can release more power and torque from your engine, make your stereo sound better and increase your MPG.

Premium Mod 450 Fortwo ECU Cloning450 Fortwo

Cloning The 450 Fortwo ECU Cloning is a process where you take data from 1 item and copy it to another to make an exact replica. Why Would I Need To Do That? ECU's have been known to fail from water ingress, electrical damage from fitting the battery the wrong way...

Premium Mod 450 Fortwo Front Bearings450 Fortwo

Replace The Front Wheel Bearings Parts Required: Stretch hub bolt - 0001906V005000000 - 1 per side. Front bearing hub - 0001870V02300000 - 1 per side. Fitting Remove the brake disc and brake calliper. Remove the centre cap to reveal the centre bolt. There isn't much...

Normal Mod 450 Fortwo LCD450 Fortwo452 Roadster

The smart LCD display tells us a lot of useful information if you know what you are looking at.

Premium Mod 450 Fortwo Rear Bearings450 Fortwo

If you fit larger alloys there is a good chance that after a few years one or more of your wheel bearings will develop a squeak. The squeak will get worse and eventually the whole thing will seize.

Normal Mod 450 Fortwo SE Drive450 Fortwo

It's a gear stick, pretty boring eh? Not if you are me. SE is short for Sequential. The SE Drive contains some clever things like magnetically controlled non contact switches and a pretty nifty but simple gear stick locking device. Let's have a closer look. SE Drive...

Premium Mod 450 Fortwo SMD LEDs450 Fortwo452 Roadster

Changing the 509T bulbs in the Speedo, LCD and Pods is an easy job, the next step is to replace the SMD (surface mounted device) LEDs located throughout the car. this will match the colours to the speedo and will look much better overall.

Premium Mod 450 Fortwo Speedo Cloning450 Fortwo

Cloning The Fortwo Speedo Cloning is a process where you take data from 1 item and copy it to another to make an exact replica. Why Would I Need To Do That? If your speedo has failed completely, has a hardware or PCB fault, you need to fit a new speedo. Can I Just Fit...

Normal Mod 450 Fortwo Transmission Pin Out450 Fortwo

Transmission (Gear Box) Connections If you are experiencing the 3 Bar error on the speedo display, there is a very high chance that the issue lies with the wiring loom to actuators and sensors that control the gearbox. A visual inspection of the wiring loom often...

Premium Mod 450 Fortwo Trip Computer450 Fortwo

The roadster can be fitted with a groovy looking trip computer that can perform a number of tasks. I wanted it on my smart For2 so here's how to do it.

Premium Mod 450 Front Frame Removal450 Fortwo

The main front frame has a few jobs, the main one is that it holds the radiators. If you need to change either radiators or replace the frame after a crash, here's how it's done. Take off the front panels. Take off the front crash bar. Look on eather side of the...

Normal Mod 450 Fuel Flap Solenoid450 Fortwo

Fuel Flap Solenoid Removal Remove the rear light on the fuel flap side. You do this by removing the 2x 10mm plastic nuts from the top and bottom of the side of the light. Hinge the light away from the car... ...and disconnect the wiring connector. You can now see the...

Premium Mod 450 Fuel Injector Removal450 Fortwo

Warning Fuel injectors are connected to fuel pipes. Fuel can set you on fire and make your day miserable. No smoking, lighting farts or juggling flaming batons whilst you are doing this. It is important that you do NOT have the keys in the car. If the ignition gets...

Premium Mod 450 Fuel Tank Drain450 Fortwo

Fuel Filter The fuel filter is quite well hidden, it is behind the offside rear wheel arch. Jack the car up, remove the wheel and remove the arch liner. On each end of the filter is a connector with an orange clip. To disconnect the pipe you  just have to push the...