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Kane Harrison

Premium Mod 451 Heater Controller Fix451 ED451 Fortwo

If you are having heater or climate controls issues as mentioned here, site viewer Shaun L reckons he's found the issue. If he's correct, it's a fairly easy fix. This is the potentiometer (pot) that moves with the temperature selector inside the heater controller....

Premium Mod 451 Heater Fan Brushes451 Fortwo

451 Heater Motor Brushes For some reason, it's mainly the American 451s that suffer with brush problems. Dunno why but it does affect non Americans as well. The standard brushes seem low quality and seem to wear very quickly. Probably because the commutator gets a...

Premium Mod 451 High Pressure Fuel Pump451 Fortwo

Highlighted below is the high pressure fuel pump. It's fed by the low pressure fuel pump in the fuel tank and is spun by the cam shaft. However, to get to this point you have to remove the airbox, intercooler and gear change motor. Disconnect the pipe highlighted...

Premium Mod 451 Horn Not Working451 Fortwo

It has taken 10 years for this issue to appear but I knew it would eventually occur. When I looked at the 451 wheel back in 2007 I could see a weak point in the system. I'm sure it'll soon become a common problem. Smart knew it'd be a problem as they changed the...

Normal Mod 451 Ignition Barrel Removal451 Fortwo

Remove the SE Drive cover and look into the base of the ignition barrel. You'll see a tab. This tab is locked in the outward position and holds the barrel into the housing. Put your key into the ignition... ...and turn it 90 degrees clockwise. Stick a screwdriver into...

Premium Mod 451 Interior Light Wiring451 Fortwo

E = Earth
C4/8 = Connection plug 4, pin 8
Fuse* or F* = Direct connection fuse number
Black Yellow = Wire colour

Modules are labeled in the picture.

Normal Mod 451 Key Fob Battery451 Fortwo

Batteries don't last forever so instead of getting locked out of your car, let's change the battery for a fresh one.

Normal Mod 451 Key Resync451 Fortwo

Issue I found that if you don't use one of your 451 keys for a long time and the battery runs out, when you refit a new battery, you may find that the key still won't unlock the central locking. Fault Or Security Feature? Unknown but at a guess, I would say it's a...

Normal Mod 451 Lambda Sensor Removal451 Fortwo

Euro 4 Lambda Exhaust Remove the rear panels and the crash bar. Spray both lambda sensors with PlusGas before attempting to remove with a 22mm spanner. The upstream sensor in in the upper elbow. The 2nd is in the silencer. This uses the same 22mm spanner. Disconnect...

Normal Mod 451 Lambda Sensors451 Fortwo

These sensors measure the air/fuel mixture ratio and adjust the engine parameters. If either of these are faulty you can have an engine light on, poor running or bad mpg.

Premium Mod 451 Lateral Movement Sensor451 Fortwo

It's fairly rare for the lateral movement sensor (sometimes called the yaw sensor) to fail on the 451. However, this used to be the same case on the previous models but eventually they started failing. The biggest cause of it failing is due to water ingress. This is...

Premium Mod 451 LCD Retrofit451 Fortwo

For the 1st year (or so), the 451 came with a useful display on the speedo.
Unfortunately the dumbed down American display took over leaving us missing 2 piece of information.
Let us get it back.

Premium Mod 451 Lower Dash Removal451 Fortwo

Remove the lower dash so you can have it recovered in leather or so you can remove the glove box insert.