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Kane Harrison

Normal Mod 451 OEM Navigation451 Fortwo

The smart 451s sat nav is made by Garmin. The early set up (shown here) was based on a Garmin C510. The new updated version uses that same dock and wiring but uses a modified widescreen Garmin 760 navigation unit.

Normal Mod 451 Oil Change451 Fortwo

The new smart fortwo 451 has a drain plug like a standard car.

Normal Mod 451 Paddle Coding451 Fortwo

Ideally, you don't want the newest version of DAS. Generally anything before 2014 should work. Earlier the better but obviously still covering the 451. Newer versions have patched this out so won't work. Start up DAS and select Vehicle identification by control unit....

Normal Mod 451 Paddle Wheel Retrofit451 Fortwo

Remove the steering wheel. Click. Plug in the new paddleshift steering wheel. Code the steering wheel paddles. Click. Still Doesn't Work? If you have bought a paddleshift steering wheel and the paddles don't work, it could be the wiring. Smart altered the wiring when...

Premium Mod 451 Panel Separation451 Fortwo

If you damage one of the front or rear panels you will need to separate it from the others to fit a replacement.

Normal Mod 451 Passenger Airbag Disable451 Fortwo

So you have a mini-me and a rear facing child seat and want to turn the passenger airbag off but didn't spec the option?

Normal Mod 451 Petrol Remapping451 Fortwo

Remaps replace your car's software which increases the power of the engine and can increase MPG too

Premium Mod 451 Pod Swap Over451 Fortwo

Because the smart is primarily made with the steering wheel on the left, the dash pods have the rev counter nearest the driver. On our smarts that have the steering wheel on the right, the rev counter is on the wrong side. It is very simple to swap over.

Premium Mod 451 Power Steering Wiring451 Fortwo

E = Earth
C4/8 = Connection plug 4, pin 8
Fuse* or F* = Direct connection fuse number
Black Yellow = Wire colour

Modules are labeled in the picture.

Normal Mod 451 Radiator Fan Removal451 Fortwo

Remove the front panels. Click Remove the front frame. Click Remove the AC radiator. Click Remove the coolant radiator. Click You can now remove the fan surround.

Normal Mod 451 Rear Bulb Change451 Fortwo

451 Coupe & Cabrio Replacing the lights on the new smart is a whole lot easier and quicker than before. Open the boot and look to each side, you will see a flap on each side. The offside flap (shown below) hinges forwards when the clips are pushed in (circled...

Premium Mod 451 Rear Hatch Dripping451 Fortwo

It's fairly common for the rear hatch to fill with water and this dribbles into the car when you open the hatch

Premium Mod 451 Rear Hatch Leak451 Fortwo

Water Marks On The Inside Of The Boot Glass This used to drive me mad, I'd clean the windows all around but when I got in the car there were drip marks. After many trips back and forth to try and clean these marks off I realised that they were inside the car. Once I...