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Kane Harrison

Premium Mod Decode The Grundig CD Stereo450 Fortwo452 Roadster

I Don't Know My Stereo Code This is becoming more common now. Cars are being sold on and the code cards are getting lost. You could own the car for years before requiring the code. By that time, the code card is very lost. Your original options were to contact smart,...

Normal Mod Delip the Air Intake450 Fortwo

Delipping the smart air intake seems to increase throttle response, increase the speed of the gear change and give the engine a little extra power for no extra money.

Premium Mod Diesel 450 Engine Mounts450 Fortwo

This is how to change the 3 engine mounts on the Diesel 450 fortwo. Side Engine Mounts Remove the bolts from the X-frame on either side and remove it from the car. You can just undo the top bolts and pull the x frame down to get some clearance however, it's easier to...

Normal Mod Dip Stick Lengths450 Fortwo451 Fortwo452 Roadster453 Fortwo/Forfour454 Forfour

There's a joke you see every now and then when someone says they have a low oil level. "Get a longer dip stick" How Long Is Your Dip Stick? I sometimes get asked the length of specific engine dip sticks. Either they have lost or broken their one or they are sold a...

Normal Mod Dipstick Tube Replace450 Fortwo452 Roadster

If your car is an older smart fortwo or roadster, and you have some oil usage problems, it might not be a bad idea to check for leaks, one possibility is the dipstick tube seal.

Normal Mod Disable Bonnet/Hood Alarm 453453 Fortwo/Forfour

The 453 had an alarm fault with regards to the front bonnet/hood switch. You have 2 options. You can fix the fault by clicking here, or disable the switch with DDT4All. Start DDT4All and connect to the car. In the 2nd box on the left, select [BCM]. In the 3rd box,...

Normal Mod Disabling the Yaw Sensor.450 Fortwo

The Yaw sensor or lateral movement sensor plays a vital role in keeping your car on the road. It is part of the Trust/Trust+/ESP system and relays info about the sideways movement of your car.

Normal Mod Disconnecting The ECU450 Fortwo452 Roadster

Sometimes (not often) you might need to remove the ECU, either for sending off to get it remapped or to re-site it elsewhere if you fit a different airbox

Premium Mod DIY 451 Brabus Headlights451 Fortwo

The 451 Brabus headlights look awesome. The price for these lights is a bit too much though, why not just use the lights you have and make your own.

Normal Mod DIY Air Intake450 Fortwo

The Michelak sucker rolls out the shop topping £50 for a bit of plastic. Sod that, let's make our own, save money and be unique.

Normal Mod DIY Car Tracker450 Fortwo451 Fortwo452 Roadster454 Forfour

It’s a harsh reality but it’s possible, cars are stolen every day for joyriding, to be stripped and sold as parts or to be used in criminal activities. It would be nice to be able to track your car if it disappeared.

Normal Mod DIY Dehumidifier450 Fortwo451 Fortwo452 Roadster453 Fortwo/Forfour454 Forfour

Why Does The Windscreen Mist Over? Do you have problems with the windscreen fogging up on the inside? It's there because water vapour in the air has condensed on the cold windscreen. How Does The Water Get In The Car? There is almost always water vapour in the air,...