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Kane Harrison

Normal Mod X-Gauge Roadster Pod450 Fortwo452 Roadster

Many Roadster owners want the X-Gauge in their car but don't want to spoil the look by having the Fortwo clock pod on the dash.

Normal Mod X-Gauge With The Trust Off450 Fortwo452 Roadster

As the X-Gauge went into full production a few people started wondering at the possibilty of using the XG with the Trust+ off.

Premium Mod ZEE Unit (Fuse Box)450 Fortwo

The ZEE unit is the fuse and relay module that is used in 600cc smarts instead of the SAM unit that is found in 700cc smarts.

Premium Mod Zee Unit Connector Fault450 Fortwo

It's fairly common for early 600cc fortwo (city coupe/cabrio) owners to experience a range of sudden electrical issues. It can be unusual faults with: Central locking indicators CAN bus wipers heater blower exterior lighting Trust (traction control) and many others....

Premium Mod Zero Degree Rear Camber450 Fortwo452 Roadster

-2 Degrees Of Camber If you look at the back wheels of a 450 fortwo, 451 fortwo or Roadster, you'll notice that the tops of the tyres are further in than the bottom part of the tyres. Like they aren't perpendicular to the ground. That's because they aren't...