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Kane Harrison

Normal Mod 450 SE Drive Pin Out450 Fortwo

It's a gear stick, pretty boring eh? Not if you are me. SE is short for Sequential. The SE Drive contains some clever things like magnetically controlled non contact switches and a pretty nifty but simple gear stick locking device. Let's have a closer look. SE Drive...

Normal Mod 450 Side Skirt Removal450 Fortwo

The side skirts on the 450 is more of a decorative cover. Thankfully they are easy to remove. Remove the rear panels to gain access to the rear plastic rivet fixing. Lever the middle out out of the rivet... ...and then throw yourself onto the floor and get someone to...

Premium Mod 450 Side Window Removal450 Fortwo

Remove the door panel to get to the window fixings. At the base of the glass you will see pair of Torx 30 bolts. Lower the glass about halfway before removing the fixings. On either side of the glass are the height adjustment tabs. Just remove the Torx 25...

Normal Mod 450 Sliding Roof Servicing450 Fortwo

Slide roof back and inspect the runners. They'll be full of old dirt, dust and other random shit. A lot of this is due to the grease applied to the runners. It's a dust magnet. Use a damp cloth to clean out as much as possible and then use a spray cleaner to get the...

Normal Mod 450 Spark Plug Change450 Fortwo452 Roadster

Your spark plugs sit right were all the action happens and have to fire a spark up to 3000 times a minute, eventually they will need to be changed. Usually during a service.

Premium Mod 450 Speedo LCD Invert450 Fortwo

Word of warning. Unlike the 451 fortwo and Roadster, the 450 fortwo LCD cannot be disconnected from the speedo. If you screw this up, you'll need a new speedo, not just a new LCD. Disassemble the speedo. Zoom your eyes right in on the front of the LCD panel, you feel...

Normal Mod 450 Speedo Pin Out450 Fortwo

Pin Wire Colour Connects To Function 1 Yellow/Red Light Stalk Pin 1 Fog Lamp Symbol 2 Brown/White SAM Plug 5, Pin 7 Fuse 6, Illumination 3 Grey Outside Temp Sensor Pin 1 External Temp Sensor 4 Black/Blue Heater Booster Switch (Diesel) Heater Booster 5 Green/Blue...

Normal Mod 450 Speedo Removal450 Fortwo

There are a lot of interesting things going on behind the speedo so many of the modifications involve taking it out.

Normal Mod 450 Stalk Removal450 Fortwo

Snapped the stalk? replacing a faulty light stalk, adding cruise control?

Premium Mod 450 Starter Motor Fix450 Fortwo

This is the starter motor removed from the car. Actually removing it is a terrible job. Annoyingly, it's rarely the starter motor that fails so removing it is usually unnecessary. So, if you go to start the car and you only hear a click from the fuse box, you may have...

Premium Mod 450 Steering Column Change450 Fortwo

Why Would I Change The Steering Column? If you are looking to change the steering column, it is probably down to 1 of 2 things. The steering has become incredibly stiff and lubricating the universal joints didn't work, or, (far less likely) that you are fitting a...

Normal Mod 450 Steering Rack Removal450 Fortwo

Caution Before you continue, it is highly recommended that you immobilise the steering wheel so it can't move later on when you disconnect the column from the rack. I normally use elastic bungie cords from the driver's seat base, wrapped around the bottom of the...

Premium Mod 450 Steering Rod Ball Joint450 Fortwo

Arrowed below is the ball joint for the steering arm.  It is worth noting that this part is the same part used for the hub ball joint lower down. Steer the wheel towards you and you'll see it better. It's clamped in the hub carrier... ...and held in with 2 Torx 50...

Premium Mod 450 Steering Wheel Wiring450 Fortwo

E = Earth
C4/8 = Connection plug 4, pin 8
Fuse* or F* = Direct connection fuse number
Black Yellow = Wire colour

Modules are labeled in the picture.