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Kane Harrison

Premium Mod 450 Suspension Change Front450 Fortwo

One of the new comon problems is breaking springs and previous attempts by some people at removing the suspension lead to nuts being drilled out and the entire thing taking a day to complete. Posted 26th July 2007.

Normal Mod 450 Thermostat Valve Change450 Fortwo452 Roadster

What Are The Symptoms Of A Failed Thermostatic Valve? The thermostatic valve starts closed which only allows the the coolant to circulate around the engine. As the engine temperature increases, the coolant temperature also increases. Eventually, the thermostatic valve...

Normal Mod 450 Timing Chain Change450 Fortwo

Why Would We Need To? A phenomenon incorrectly called "chain stretch" is the main reason for requiring a new chain fitting. The thickness of the slide rail, the maximum movement of the chain tensioner and an excessive lengthening of the chain eventually causes issues....

Premium Mod 450 Timing Chain Cover Removal450 Fortwo

I did this with the engine removed. If you want to try it with the engine still in the car, you go for it you nutcase. You'll hate yourself by the end of it but you will have gained the dexterity to wallpaper your hallway through the letterbox. Remove the belts. See...

Normal Mod 450 Timing Chain Guide Removal450 Fortwo

Once you've removed the cylinder head, you'll notice the main chain guide comes with it and is captive within the head. Since you are this far into the engine, you may as well fit new guides, tensioner and chains. To remove the main chain guide, you need to remove...

Normal Mod 450 Underseat Drawer450 Fortwo

The underseat drawer is a nice easy addition that offers extra storage that can be locked.

Normal Mod 450 Undertray Lowering450 Fortwo

There are a few interesting things hiding behind the undertray so let's get it opened and have a look.

Normal Mod 450 Upgrade Horn450 Fortwo

The smart standard horn is both useless and embarassing to use. It has to be changed, it really does.

Normal Mod 450 Valance Removal450 Fortwo

The valance is the black plastic shield that sits at the bottom of the rear panel.

Normal Mod 450 Wastegate Actuator Hoses450 Fortwo452 Roadster

The question of which pipe goes where has come up a few times and as a true pro I didn't have the faintest idea so thought i'd better find out.

Normal Mod 450 Window Height Adjustment450 Fortwo

If your window over-shoots its stopping point (seen below), it can damage the rubber seal, the glass and the motor. Remove the outer door panel to reveal the insides. Lower the window to the position you want it to stop using the inside window switch. Usually a quick...

Normal Mod 450 Window Regulator Cable450 Fortwo

Tools And Other Items Required: Torx drivers T15, T20, T25, T27 Drill and 7mm bit A wooden spatula or lolly stick (to ease the window glass around the seals) Qty 4 M6 x 12 screws, Qty 4 nuts and washers (narrow profile nuts ie locknuts won’t fit) 10mm spanner and...

Premium Mod 450 Window Regulator Change450 Fortwo

Remove the wing mirror and the door panel on the affected side. Remove the 2 bolts that hold the window to the regulator and then slide the window out of the door. The window regulator mechanism is held in with 4 rivets. The top and middle can be accessed from the...

Normal Mod 450 Windscreen Washer Pump450 Fortwo

To access the windscreen washer pump on the 450 fortwo, remove the front panels. Look to the right side of the washer fluid tank... ...and you'll see the pump with 1 electrical connector and 2 pipes. The pump can spin in either directions. Depending on the direction,...

Normal Mod 450 Wing Mirror Disassembly450 Fortwo

Remove the wing mirror from the car. Grab the corner of the mirror and pull. The closer to the edge you hold it, the more chance the glass will break. So try to get your fingers right behind the back of the mirror, spread the weight and pull gently. Didn't break!...

Normal Mod 450 Wiper Mechanism Removal450 Fortwo

The smart 450 windscreen wiper mech is a bunch of pressed steel arms, a single casting and some plastic bushings all crimped together and sitting in a fairly exposed position. Eventually dust and dirt will get washed or blown in, turn into grinding paste and the...