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3D Printable Parts

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Welcome To The Future

With 3D printers coming down in price and the quality increasing, it comes as no surprise that people are 3D
printing replacement parts for their cars that either cost too much normally to replace or simply aren't available.

Parts go out of stock or the broken part could be a small part of a much bigger assembly.
Parts of parts aren't always available and car manufacturers insist on you buying the entire part.

So, if you know of a 3D printed smart part or have designed a part yourself, let me know and I'll add it here.

What If I Don't Have A 3D Printer?

There are companies that will 3D print a part that you send the files for.
The added bonus is that the quality will be far higher than anything you could print at home.


3D Printable Items

450 & Roadster Paddle Extensions
Click here.

by Buzzz

450 & Roadster Steering Angle Sensor Lock
Click here.

by Buzzz

450 Short Rear View Mirror Stem
Click here.

by Rafa

451 Boot Handle
Click here.

Belt Tensioner
Click here.

450 Fortwo & Roadster Heater Sliders
Click here.

450 Fortwo Dash Pod
Click here.

452 Roadster Gearstick Surround
Click here.

by Manuel B

450 Fortwo EGR Plug
Click here.
Direct editable download
(thanks Izzy)

by Izzy

450 Glass Rear Handle
Click here.

Or here for this one.

450 Window Regulator Plate
Click here

450 Cup And Phone Holder
Click here

450 Cup Holder
Click here.

451 Cup Holder
Click here.

450 Air Intake Cover
Click here.

Roadster Coupe Hinge Bolt Covers
Click here.

451 Tow Eye Cover
Click here.

Roadster Keyring
Click here.

Or click here.

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