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Interior guides and mods

450 Boot Side Panel Removal

Handy if you need to get to the seatbelts or some wiring.

Modification Details

Open the boot and remove the circular insert fron the left hand panel,

Don't lose it when it fires off under one of the seats.

Use a Torx 20 screwdriver to remove the screw.

Grab a corner and pull to release the clips.

During the pull, a clip with probably shoot out the screw hole. Rescue it from where it went.

On the back of the panels you have these slide in press studs.

On the car you'll see the Batman style nipples that the press studs push onto.

The other side is almost exactly the same. Remove the Torx20 screw from the recess.

Grab the bottom and pull.

When refitting the panels, line up the press studs and hit all around the panel with a thump with a fist.

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