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Interior guides and mods

Roadster Inner Door Removal

Modification Details

Lever off the front of the interior door handle. It's just clipped on.

Remove the two Torx 25 screws holding the handle to the door panel.

Pull the handle clear.

Pull the bottom of the door panelaway from the aluminium interior frame. It can be easier from the outside, pushing.

Once all of the lower clips have let go (exploded and broken), pull the bottom of the panel inwards and upwards.
The top edge of the panel is wavy and sits very snuggly in an aluminium channel.

The inner panel will be loose but still tethered by the interior door handle.

So, take a Torx 20 and remove the screw.

Pull the handle out and thread it sideways back through its own hole.

You now have a handful of panel. Looking on the rear, you can see all the clips holding the door card in place.

Zoom out a bit and you can see the blue clips that are all now broken (probably).

Depending on how many were sacrificed to the God of disassembly, you might want to get new ones from smart.

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