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I forgot to add a title. Not that it matters.

I spent 2 weekend ripping out my old office and setting up my new Mac, screens and desk. I can’t believe how much shit I threw away. I’m being messed about by smart for headlights so I’m having issues completing my 1st YouTube project but luckily I’m quite a few videos ahead and have been packing the newer ones out with talking. After smart delivered the wrong headlights I decided to try some of the Chinese ones from AliExpress even though they don’t reckon they’ll work on my 2021 model because it’s a facelift. I’ll work something out I’m sure. Only issue might be the indicators fast flashing since I’m having issues connecting it to DDT4All.

Whilst I was on AliExpress, I bought a load of cheap shit for the smart 453 to test. That video will be on YouTube eventually once everything has arrived. All of this shit can be viewed early on Patreon.

Still having issues with card payments so I have decided to cheat and put the payment option on Etsy and I’ll just do it manually. I’ll have to see if I can send out payment invoices through Quickbooks or some shit like that.

453 fuel filter change
451 airbag controller pin out
Roadster airbag controller location
Roadster steering wheel removal
451 ED HV cabin heater change
453 centre console phone charger
453 speedo faults

Please come and subscribe to my YouTube channel and watch the videos. I really need the watch hours so I can start earning money. Until I get to that level (4000 hours of watch time) I’m not going to be doing my best work for obvious reasons. Not that my best work will be good of course.