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You’re a YouTuber Harry

If I wasn’t already spread thin, I’m making my life harder by doing YouTube videos as well. I’m recording a video each Saturday and Sunday and I’ll release 1 every 2 or 3 weeks. That’ll give me a bit of a video buffer in case I can’t record for some reasons.

Please have a watch and please subscribe to the channel. The longer you watch, the better. evilution on Youtube.

The videos will be posted initially on Patreon, then here, then public on YouTube. If you can support me on Patreon, that’d be great.

OK, onto the usual pages.

Roadster trip computer back light replacement.
Cruise control wiring – Roadster.
453 Time change issues.
Brake fluid specifications.
453 Wishbone replacement.
451 ED inverter removal.

451 Heater controller fix – update on pot.
3D printable parts – some new parts added.

Information about the website – problems and signing up.
Social media.

Due to the ongoing issue we are having with the card processing company, we are offering subscriptions through Etsy in order for some people to pay with alternatives to PayPal. Click here for Etsy.