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Things are getting a bit better

One of the few things that gets to me is accounting. Just the thought of doing the accounts makes me feel depressed and I generally transcend the situation by ignoring them. Obviously that just makes it worse and worse. I finally understood what to do and how they work so I’m up to date and planning to do them weekly so I don’t forget how to do them and I remember what I bought and received.

We are still having issues with PayPal not sending the renewals through on some account. Read the previous news for more information, especially if you received an email saying your membership has been cancelled. If you know you have paid recently, let me know and I’ll sort it out manually.

I’m now part time at work so I have more time to play with cars. This weekend I have also recorded my 1st real video. It’s about a 453 EQ that I’m fixing. I have generally kept away from being on video as I don’t like my voice and I have verbal communication issues. If I think of what I’m going to say, I’ll forget certain words and get things mixed up but I found that if I just go with the flow and just say what I’m thinking, it generally makes sense and comes across as understandable. I generally talk to myself and talk myself through things anyway. Having just edited day 1 into a 30 minute video, I’m amazed how much I quietly mutter swear words. Hopefully I’ll get into the swing of making videos but don’t expect them to be cinematic masterpieces.

The idea is that, although some people like to fix their car, many more people just like to watch other people fix their cars on YouTube. So I have made a Patreon account and added my 1st video. I have some videos in hand so I’ll start adding them over time. I have so many project ideas but only have the space to do 1 at a time.

OK, the new stuff.

Smart 453 EQ electric drive info
Roadster lower light removal
450 fortwo ABS water ingress
Roadster charge cooler fluid change
Electric drive charging faults – common 453 EQ fault
450 fortwo washer bottle removal
450 fortwo cabin intake box removal
454 forfour gear selector removal
454 forfour stiff gear change fix
Roadster ESP water ingress
451 ABS sensors
453 cabin fan removal
453 heater resistor removal

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Patreon link – come and see me say rude words whilst working on smarts. In this series, I’m fixing a 453 EQ and battling with smart and shady eBay sellers and untrustworthy couriers.