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Issues with recurring payments – please read

Due to a bug between a plug-in that we use and PayPal, we are seeing many recurring payments not being sent. The only option we have is to reset the account membership level back to “unpaid” and cancel the recurring payment through PayPal and hope that people resubscribe. We are doing this because there’s no way to receive that money and maintain the automatic renewal. We also don’t want PayPal to sort their shit out and suddenly send out payments after we have adjusted the membership level.

Another issue we are having is that PayPal sometimes won’t send out payment or cancellation codes so we are having to stay on the ball and manually check all of the accounts.

The 3rd issue we had was through card payments. We use a company called Stripe who have been great but after a few issues with Indian scammers trying to “card check” stolen card details, Stripe insisted that we add a CAPTCHA to the site. We did that and it broke everything and they don’t know why. So we aren’t receiving payment or cancellation codes from them either and we had to remove the card payment option until the issue can be rectified.

OK, on to the mods.

An update to the P26AB fault (now with a new part number for the separate solenoid).
453 EQ crash sensor fault.
Roadster exterior temperature sensor.
451 windscreen washer pump.
451 washer bottle removal.
What cars I have owned, updated.