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451 Rear Squirter Fault

The 451 coupe suffers a lot from a disconnected squirter pipe to the rear window

Modification Details

The symptoms of this fault are that when you activate the squirter to clean the back window, no water comes out but it'll quite often start dripping out onto the rear left wheel.

It's a simple fix, below shows the boot with the side panel removed but this was just so
you could see better. The side boot trim has an access panel that can be removed by
unclipping it as if you were changing the rear lights. Look in the area circled below.

Pull the wiring bundle out and you will find a foam package. Unwrap it.

This is what you will find, the connectors come apart.

Pop them back together.

Push it all back inside the car and replace the access panel.

Test it and the squirter should work properly.

It Keeps On Doing It

Yeah, I had the same problem with mine. So you have 2 choices.

A little dab of superglue on the male end when you reconnect the pipes should discourage it
from coming undone again. However, what I did was slide some 10mm heatshrink over the disconnected pipe, reconnected it, slid the heatshrink over the connection and heat it up.
If you use adhesive lined heatshrink the better but standard has worked well for me.

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