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451 Mirror Too Low

The 451 rear view mirror is too low, let us change it.

Modification Details

Moving The Rear View Mirror

The mirror on the RHD 451, like the RHD 450, was too low for some people. For me
the mirror sits right in the centre of the windscreen creating a major blindspot. On the
450 you could buy a 3rd party shorter stalk that made the mirror sit higher.

The 451 rear view mirror is attached to the windscreen so we need to:

Shortening the mirror stem.
Fit a mirror from a different car.

Shortening The Mirror Stem

Thanks to Paul Duncan for the pictures and idea for this mod

Detach the mirror and stalk from the windscreen by pushing gently upwards at base of stalk.
Remove mirror by gently twisting loose from ball on mirror arm

Mark the mirror arm on stalk just above the base for ball connector.
Cut it with a hacksaw and use a mitre box if you have one.

Take care to preserve the slight angle on the ball of the arm.

Clean up the newly cut edges with a file and sandpaper to form a flat base.

Mark the other end of the stalk.

If you look at the back of the stalk you will see the flat edge you need to cut just above.


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