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Open The SAM Unit

How to open the SAM unit to waterproof or repair solder joints.

Modification Details

Remove the SAM unit from the car. I labelled the wires but all the connections
are keyed differently so they can only be placed back into their correct sockets. 

This shows the top of the SAM unit. You need to remove the 4 large fuses from the top.

Flip the SAM unit over and remove the 3 Torx10 screws. You don't need to remove the other fuses.

Around the outside are 10 clips that need unclipping.

Lift the lid off. Look at the areas circled, you will find more clips holding the board in.

Finally there are 2 tabs on each side that need pushing in so the PCBs can be removed.

Be careful where you hold the bare SAM unit, you don't want to damage any of the
components with static. The satellite board at the bottom of the next picture is
the one that contains all of the microchips.

You may notice that the ribbon connections look damaged with splitting. This is common and not an issue.

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