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453 Rear Valance Removal

Modification Details

I really hate black textured body parts. Why can't they just colour code everything? It need sto be remove to paint it.

Remove the rear panels from the car. Look at the back of the reflector, push the metal clip in and...

...swing the reflector out.

Along the top of the valance are metal press clips that need to be levered off...

...and plastic clips that need to be levered over.

There's plenty of clips to play with.

Finally, at each end is a standard plastic push rivet.

Just lever out the plastic rivet and pull out the insert.

The top will be free from the panel, however...

...there are 4 metal rivets along the bottom that hold the valance to the exhaust heat shield.

Drill them all out and the valance will be free from the car. Personally, I wouldn't bother with rivets again.
Just use some stainless steel nuts and bolts to make it easier if you need to remove it again later.

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