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Roadster Roof Override

Modification Details

 The 450 fortwo had a way to manually open and close the roof using a pair of metal
cranks that you got with the car, unfortunately on the Roadster, this wasn't the case.

The electrics in the Roadster are temperamental at the best of times so how do you force the roof open on a hot day or force it closed at the end of the day or if it won't close when it begins to rain? 

You'd have thought that taking the motor out would make it possible to move the roof manually.
The problem is the front latches need to be pulled by the roof cables to unlatch so it won't slide open manually. To compound the problem, when the roof is open, you can't get to the motor to remove it.

OK, find the motor. Look in the boot, lift the carpet up just behind the flap.


This is the motor you are looking for, the Roadster only came with the 1.



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